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Dr. Uri Gur

Senior physician, Department of Urology, Meir Medical Center

Reconstructive Urology Specialist, Operating the Clinic for Sexual dysfunctions in Meir Medical Center.

Dr. Uri Gur, Urologist

Dr. Uri Gur - Urologist

Dr. Uri Gur is a specialist in the unique field of reconstructive urology. This has placed him within the small group of urologists who offer in-depth knowledge and surgical proficiency in the area of genitourinary reconstruction. Dr. Gur graduated from the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in 1995. After completing his urology residency in the Department of Urology in Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva, graduating with distinction, he spent two years in Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, USA as a clinical fellow, in the field of Adult and Pediatric Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery. This school is a world-renowned center containing the expertise of several international experts. During his fellowship and since thereafter, Dr. Gur has been involved in the treatment of hundreds of patients with urethral stricture and has participated in many diverse reconstructive procedures.

Although practicing various fields of general urology, Dr. Gur focuses on reconstructive urological surgery.This includes but is not limited to the treatment of urethral stricture disease of various etiologies, including genital and urethral trauma, hypospadias, and urethral fistulae. Dr. Gur personally performs all the procedures necessary for a complete evaluation of the patient, including urethrography, urethrocystoscopy, followed by determining the optimal treatment tailored to the individual patient and the stricture characteristics. Then, Dr. Gur offers the wide surgical armamentarium of anterior urethroplasty, where flaps and/or grafts are used as needed. The various options for the reconstruction of complex posterior urethral strictures may also be employed. Many times, these curative procedures end many years of suffering from recurrent strictures and multiple previous manipulations.


In the field of sexual medicine, Dr. Gur offers service for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, where intracavernosal injection therapy or penile prosthesis implantation are performed. These include malleable or inflatable penile prostheses, utilizing the state-of-the-art products of AMS or Coloplast, according to the patient’s wishes. In addition, he offers surgical correction of penile curvature, either congenital or acquired, including Peyronie’s disease.

Moreover, a wide variety of treatment options is available for the treatment of urinary incontinence, mainly post-prostatectomy incontinence. These include implantation of an AdVance® male sling, or the artificial urinary sphincter (AUS), as appropriate. When indicated, a combined approach for the treatment of both male incontinence and erectile dysfunction can be chosen, where a double-implant (penile prosthesis + sphincter/sling) procedure is performed.


In summary, the unique service of genitourinary reconstruction is provided with expertise and a personalized approach, with the aim of improving the quality of life of those who suffer daily from urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, urethral strictures, or other related pathologies.  



(penile curvature)

Peyronie's disease


Urinary incontinence

(artificial urinary sphincter / sling)



(+/- testicular prosthesis)






+/- cystolithotripsy

Penile Prothesis


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